Making a Happy List

Today I invite you to make yourself a coffee, grab a pretty (brand new) journal and give yourself 10 minutes permission to totally focus on you and what brings you joy. We are going to have a think about what makes you happy.

It is time to start a happy list.

So in your 10 minutes I want you to write a list of things that make you happy.

These could range from food you like, to holiday vacations, weather, books, feelings, events, people, hobbies, activities and so on. Whatever it is that floats your boat I want you to write it down. In 10 minutes you should have the start of a fabulous happy list.

We often forget in our busy, oh-so-busy lives about what makes us happy and actually these things are really important. In bringing them into your mind you are saying they matter, by writing then down you are affirming they matter and that you matter.

When your 10 minutes are up can you find one thing on your list that you can make happen today? I bet you can. Maybe you will walk under the stars, call you best friends for catch up chat or perhaps you will treat yourself to a blueberry muffin. Remembering what makes you happy and ensuring it has a place in your day will work wonders for your mood.

You can add to you happy list whenever you have an Aha! moment or when you have 10 minutes to spare to focus on you.

You and your happiness are definitely worth thinking about.

Lets start that happy list today.


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