5 ways to find 10 minutes peace EVERY day

Sometimes it can be tricky to find peaceful time to yourself in your day but it’s very important to let our brains rest and to be entirely in the moment.

I know people who find their peace whilst running, or baking, others find it bathing, reading or writing. Whatever works for us we need to make space for it, we need time for peace, time to be alone, time to be.

Here are 5 ways to find some space for you in your every day, you and your serenity matter.


    1. Schedule it in. Why not? We schedule everything else in and actually our peace time is really critical to our productivity at other times and to our health and well being so pop a Peace Slot into your daily diary and firmly on your to do list. Don’t make it last thing in the day as you want to be sure it happens.


    1. Plan it. If you aimlessly write Peace Time on your to do list  but have no clue how to spend that time then the chances are you will get distracted or it will get sabotaged. What you can do with your 10 minutes peace may  be different every day. But do plan what you are going to do with it.  Today I have planned to sit under a blanket with a big cup of tea and read a chapter of my book.  My book is out next to my mug just waiting for me, the blanket folded on the chair and the time planned in my dairy. Planning really helps and knowing what’s ahead motivates you to make it happen.


    1. How can 10 minutes help? Oh it really can…it is a break, a promise of joy to yourself.a change of scene, a change of pace, a chance to appreciate, love and treat yourself and the best thing of all? You will have this every day and be able to look forward to it every day.


    1. So what can you do in 10 minutes?a quick bath in your favourite oils,  a little photography session in your garden, an uninterrupted phone call with your favourite aunty, a zip down to the local teashop for a cake, a glass of cold wine under the stars all wrapped up in a cosy throw. All blissful. My 10 minutes often become 20 and that is okay too.


    1.  The way you make this  happen is to make it a habit and a commitment. Do not let YOU down. You matter way too much for that. I get up early to squeeze my 10 minutes in especially during the school holidays. Sometimes after tea I tell my partner I am just taking my 10 minutes you’ve got this and I leave the family to it. It’s not ad hoc though, I desifde int he morning whean its going to be and inform those involved. You can find 10 minutes. You will be glad you did.


Do you make time for 10 minutes peace every day?


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